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   solar fx                There are numerous reasons to tint the windows of your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or commercial vehicle. Aesthetics is probably the most common reason however safety, comfort, UV protection, and energy savings are other popular reasons to tint windows.                             

 2 door2 Door Passenger Vehicle   $250

 4 door 4 Door Passenger Vehicle   $250

minivanMinivan    $300

full size vanFull Size Van  $350

2 door truck2 Door Pick-Up Truck  $200

4 door truck4 Door Pick-Up Truck    $250

small suvSmall SUV  $300

large suvLarge SUV  $350

single windowDriver and Passenger Windows (front)  $100

browWindshield Strip  $30

single windowSingle Window   $50

rear windowRear Window   $119


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